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Holly T

DJs Holly T

Holly T, an East Coast based DJ, producer, and songwriter, is a well-known name amongst dance music producers and NYC venues and their owners. Her popularity stems from exceptionally produced dance music and energetic, dance floor shaking live DJ sets. Over the past year, Holly has traveled and performed at venues across the US. Holly mixes popular music with the perfect dose of nostalgia to grab an entire audience and keep them moving. 

Listen to Holly T - In The Mix.

DJ Alvin Anthony


Miami-based DJ, producer, and songwriter Alvin Anthony is quickly rising in the global dance music scene. He has released several tracks and has received support from Ultra Music, Enhanced, Black Hole Recordings and Revealed official Spotify playlists. Straight from the studio to the DJ-booth, Alvin has performed at Madison Square Garden, TAO Downtown Nightclub, Sony Hall, Rock Bar, HYDE and The Headliner.

Listen to Alvin Anthony Mix 1 2023.


djs in new york

CBJtheDream is a musician, DJ, and performer. Born and raised in New York City, music has always been the driving force in CBJ’s life. In 2020, CBJ taught himself how to DJ and quietly honed his skills. He is now working across the country and around the globe, performing at dance halls, clubs, LiveNation venues, and everywhere in between. At every event, CBJ brings a unique fusion of musical genres to partygoers, making them all dance, pump their fists in the air, and live nights they’ll never forget. 

Listen to DJ Craig Club Mix.

DJ Eloy

DJ Eloy

Born and raised in the Bronx, DJ Eloy emerged into the nightlife scene as an entertainer born into a family of DJs. Beyond his skills as a part of his heritage, DJ Eloy has close personal ties with many of the most sought after individuals within his industry including DJ Niros of the Betatesterz, DJ Bacho, Latin Prince, and DJ 2nd Nature. Currently he has video remixing residencies in New York, Boston, and Seattle but also routinely travels across the US and overseas to perform. 

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